Consecutive Clinic – Monday 14th Feb 2022

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Date(s) - 14th February 2022
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm



Come along to Consecutive Clinic, a consecutive note-taking practice session for interpreters (1300 CET, Mondays).

The sessions will be held on Zoom and last one hour and fifteen minutes max.

Each week, we tackle a particular challenge or aspect of note-taking (e.g. using the margin, diagonality, lists, expressing opinions, symbols, etc.) with a specially designed speech in English, and a debriefing/brainstorming session afterwards.

If you book with a colleague who has a compatible language combination, you’ll be able to practise together in a breakout room – and get a discount! 🙂

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I’ll be leading each session. You can find out more about my background and experience here.

Structure of each session

  • Intro: I’ll say a few words about a particular aspect of note-taking: why it’s a good idea, how to do it on the page.
  • I’ll give a short warm-up speech in English – less than 3 minutes, and suitable for beginners as well as more advanced interpreters – then send participants to breakout rooms, where one person can interpret for the other.
  • We’ll debrief quickly, focusing on particular difficulties or suggestions for improvement.
  • I will then give a longer speech (4-6 minutes) in English. Again, we’ll split into breakout rooms for some of you to deliver the speech.
  • We will debrief together. If you like, I can show you my notes. I’ll also sometimes bring up a whiteboard and show you some symbols, give ideas, or ask you about your symbols.
  • I’ll give you some homework (not compulsory!) in the form of another speech.

Important points:

  • You can book each session separately; there is no obligation to come every week.
  • You are welcome to book a session even if you are unable to attend live. I can send you the recording and the links to the speeches.
  • Consecutive Clinic is NOT a course with a beginning and an end, and is not intended as initial training for aspiring interpreters. It is intended as CPD, so a certain amount of knowledge is assumed. I will do my best to tailor the session to give advice suitable for different skill levels, but I cannot teach note-taking from scratch in these sessions.
  • You are not obliged to work in pairs and interpret in front of an audience, but you will benefit more if you’re willing to interpret and listen to others.
  • In these sessions, I will sometimes be able to listen to a performance and give feedback, but please do not expect to receive feedback at every session. The sessions are a collective effort to identify challenges and find solutions, as well as an opportunity for you to self-train. If you are looking for personal feedback on each of your performances, you would be better off with a coach.
  • If your A language is English, you are welcome to practise EN>EN, or to work into a B language if you have one.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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