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Sophie Llewellyn Smith imageI’m Sophie Llewellyn Smith, interpreter trainer, conference interpreter, designer of online teaching materials, and creator of Speechpool. I have trained hundreds of aspiring interpreters, some of whom have gone on to work for the United Nations or the European Union, and dozens of fellow interpreter trainers. Every learner is different, but some tried and tested techniques work for everyone! I’m really excited to be bringing you some digital material to complement your face-to-face learning, and empower you to take control of your learning. Learn more about my background.

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Access the recording (+chat box) of my recent webinar (11th June 2019)

Improve interpreting and exam performance, and avoid burn-out!

Tip #1: How to use relaxation exercises to keep stress under control Tip #2: How keeping a journal can change your mindset so you cope better with stressful situations Tip #3: How to tweak your diet and lifestyle to help you stay cool under pressure plus Q&A session. 

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Sophie’s feedback was always to the point, clear and delivered in a very friendly and supportive manner. What is also worth mentioning is that Sophie offers a truly individualized approach and can provide additional materials and ideas on how to work on one’s retour between the coaching sessions.

Within a few weeks, I could see improvements in my confidence, delivery, and use of English. Moreover – the coaching sessions were a great support in my preparations for an English retour exam at the European Parliament, which I passed at the first attempt!

Natalia C. ,accredited interpreter (PL <> EN; IT, FR > PL) with 6 years’ experience.

I really enjoyed every session I had with Sophie. They always were engaging, lively and really useful.
Sophie flagged what I specifically needed to work on, besides the usual “French mistakes”, and gave me exercises to improve. Plus having a regular one-to-one coaching session helps to be organized and really pushed me to practice more efficiently between sessions.
All in all, even though this is a somewhat expensive investment, that is precisely what it is. An investment in my career and I find it absolutely worth it!

Lenaig T., freelance interpreter

Stress management webinars/seminars

Sophie offered lots of practical tips and a very insightful analysis of the situations that can lead to stress in an interpreting environment. Her webinar included a string of very useful and easily applicable ways in which we can overcome stressful situations, both in the booth as well as in life. The webinar was KISS technique based. Right to the point all the time and always ready to take any questions from participants. It is very clear that she knows what she is talking about in all the topics she covers (eating and sleep habits, exams, assignments, how can an interpreter feel).

I wish I had attended this webinar at the beginning of my career. Sophie’s webinar is a source of inspiration and a very positive way of finding encouragement to improve performance at work and satisfaction with oneself. I definitely recommend this webinar to everyone, and not only to interpreters, as many things can be applied to all sectors and life in general.

David R., professional interpreter with over 10 years of experience working on the Spanish private market

A wealth of practical tips and ideas to help us understand how stress works and how we can cope with it. I especially liked the scientific background of the presentation.

I would absolutely recommend Sophie to organisations/individuals that need to learn how stress affects their daily life and what they can do to cope with it. Well-researched practical tips and ideas in a non-judgmental atmosphere is what most of us need to start regaining our inner balance and self-esteem.

Yolanda G., EU-accredited interpreter

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