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Sophie Llewellyn Smith imageI’m Sophie Llewellyn Smith, interpreter trainer, conference interpreter, designer of online teaching materials, and creator of Speechpool. I have trained hundreds of aspiring interpreters, some of whom have gone on to work for the United Nations or the European Union, and dozens of fellow interpreter trainers. Every learner is different, but some tried and tested techniques work for everyone! I’m really excited to be bringing you some digital material to complement your face-to-face learning, and empower you to take control of your learning. Learn more about my background.

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Improve interpreting and exam performance, and avoid burn-out!

You can access a recording of my recent webinar, which will show you:
Tip #1: How to use relaxation exercises to keep stress under control
Tip #2: How keeping a journal can change your mindset so you cope better with stressful situations
Tip #3: How to tweak your diet and lifestyle to help you stay cool under pressure

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3 simple Brain Gym techniques

3 simple exercises to boost your concentration: an introduction to Brain Gym

Mind/body techniques for concentration and stress relief Last week, I was at the London Language Show demonstrating simple techniques to help interpreters and translators beat stress, whether acute or chronic. The room was packed, and too small to get the audience lying on the floor for some deep relaxation. Instead I ...
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Growth mindset blog post

The mindset shift that improves exam grades & self-esteem and redefines success

Are you great at dealing with technical jargon in simultaneous? Are you bad with numbers? Are your notes sloppy? Do you have a bad memory? These are the stories we tell ourselves about our interpreting skills and professional abilities, and some of these stories can be very damaging. I often liken ...
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Your trainers are only as good as you make them blog image

Your trainers are only as good as you make them

I hesitated about the title of this blog post for a long time. Not least because it sounds as if I'm writing about shoes. At first, I wanted to write about what I have learned from my students over the years. And then I wanted to write about how students can ...
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