Join me from the comfort of your own home to explore an interpreting-related topic in depth. Come away with a greater understanding, lots of practical tips, and a clear path to improve your skills.
Some of my interpreting webinars focus on technical skills such as note-taking or simultaneous interpreting, others delve into how you can ensure you have a productive and successful career without burning out. For example, I cover topics such as stress management and self-assessment.

If there is a topic you would particularly like me to cover, please drop me a line!

RECORDED WEBINAR: Stress Management for Interpreters

10 am and 6 pm (weekdays) – replay available. 60 mn | €40

Do you want to cope with the pressures of daily life, study, and your work as an interpreter?

With this customised seminar, you can improve your exam results, avoid burn-out and take steps to make sure you thrive in a high-pressure career.

Stress is generally recognised to affect interpreting students’ exam results, as well as professional interpreters’ performance. Candidates often fail the European Institutions’ accreditation test or competitive exam due to exam nerves.

More seriously, a failure to manage stress in the long term can lead to serious health effects, or even burn-out.

My stress management webinar can help students and professional interpreters alike to learn effective stress management techniques. In this webinar, I will cover some or all of the following, depending on participants’ needs:

  • Stress and its effects on your body and mind
  • The long-term consequences of chronic stress
  • How stress can affect exam results and interpreting performance
  • Lifestyle tips for reducing stress and maintaining energy levels
  • Managing stress in the classroom: perfectionism and growth mindsets
  • Coping with exam stress

The webinar is designed to given students or practising interpreters an understanding of the origins and effects of stress, and above all, a wealth of advice, tips, and exercises (including breathing and guided meditation exercises) to start tackling the effects of stress straight away.

Tip #1: How to use relaxation exercises to keep stress under control
Tip #2: How keeping a journal can change your mindset so you cope better with stressful situations
Tip #3: How to tweak your diet and lifestyle to help you stay cool under pressure

Weekdays at 10 am and 6 pm (replay available if you can’t make those times)
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