Join me from the comfort of your own home to explore an interpreting-related topic in depth. Come away with a greater understanding, lots of practical tips, and a clear path to improve your skills.

Some of my interpreting webinars focus on technical skills such as note-taking or simultaneous interpreting, others delve into how you can ensure you have a productive and successful career without burning out. For example, I cover topics such as stress management and self-assessment.

Recent webinars:

June 2020: ‘Sounding natural in English’, a webinar for Universitas Austria, the Austrian Association of Interpreters and Translators, specifically tailored to German As.

June 2020: ‘Improving your English retour’, a webinar for IBPG (the Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group)

April 2020: ‘Frequent errors of Italian As working into English B’, a webinar designed for AIIC Italia

March 2020: free webinars on running interpreting exams online, and teaching simultaneous and consecutive online, for fellow interpreter trainers thrown into online course design during the COVID pandemic.

If there is a topic you would particularly like me to cover, please drop me a line!


Click on the image to access my free webinar on Continuing Professional Development for conference interpreters.

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