eCourses for interpreters

Are you ready to give a huge boost to your interpreting skills thanks to targeted, carefully designed self-study materials?

The traditional view is that interpreting is a skill that needs to be taught in person, and it is absolutely true that nothing can replace the feedback you receive from an experienced interpreter trainer.
However, interpreting can be broken down into many sub-skills, some of which are eminently suitable for independent study or practice. And if you’re enrolled on an interpreting course, I’m 100% sure your tutors are encouraging you to supplement classroom teaching with several hours a week of individual practice and study.

That’s where my eCourses for interpreters come in!

Each one is based on tried and tested methods and research (where it exists!) and contains a host of valuable tips and techniques, as well as activity sheets to encourage you to analyse your own weaknesses and discover how to address them.

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TIC’s flagship membership site for English retourists. Maintain and improve your retour, attend live classes, and interact with motivated colleagues. Boost your confidence and become more marketable, all for an affordable monthly fee!

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The entire 2019 archive of Rock your Retour. No tie-in, no commitment to weekly classes. Just tailor-made materials about vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation, for you to peruse, download as PDFs, or print.

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