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Online coaching for interpreters

Enjoy the benefits of a customised approach with tailor-made exercises to address your weaknesses and polish your performance. Work with me via Zoom or another platform to practise your note-taking, B language, consecutive without notes or any other aspect of interpreting. I can also help you prepare for exams or accreditation tests with international organisations (EU, UN). My working languages are EN<>FR, DE, EL.

I regularly work with interpreters who have a European Parliament or SCIC bursary to allow them to improve their retour or book a language stay (recently, it’s been a virtual language stay!) which includes English enhancement as well as interpreting practice.

I work with three trusted colleagues, who are experienced trainers and freelance interpreters: Kirsten Coope, Catriona Howard, and Frances Bagnall-Oakeley. You can find out more about them on my coaching page.

Information about my fees and services can be found here.

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In-person freelance interpreter training

In-person masterclasses and seminars on topics such as note-taking, the EU for interpreters, and stress management. I am also a specialist retour trainer. I am happy to travel to you to make speeches at university final exams, teach regular interpreting classes, or run workshops for professional bodies.

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Conference interpreting services

I have over 25 years’ experience as a conference interpreter. My working languages are EN<>FR, DE, EL. I am a member of AIIC and accredited with the EU, where I have worked both as a staff member and a freelance interpreter.

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The Interpreting Coach experience and qualifications

My background and qualifications

I started work as a conference interpreter for the European Commission in 1994. I work from French, German and Greek into English, and I also have a French retour. Over the years I have been both a staff member at the European Commission’s interpreting service (SCIC), assigned to a wide range of meetings including at the highest level, and a freelance interpreter based in the UK.
You can read details of my approach and experience here.

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