Speech prep in a jiffy with interviews or podcasts

In my last blog post, I attempted to convince you of the value of speech prep, especially if you are a retourist and you use speech ...
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Speech prep in a jiffy – the process

I ran a webinar recently about improving your retour (i.e. interpreting into a B language - a language other than your mother tongue), and I asked ...
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Being concise in sim is a good thing. But how?

I'm sure you've been told at some point in your career as an interpreter (or when you were a student) that you should be more concise ...
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Co-working for interpreters: what, why, how?

Last Friday, I experimented with something new. I set up an online co-working session on Zoom, emailed my subscribers to let them know about it, and ...
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E4T taster

E4T taster: time-saving materials to polish your English

English: an essential part of many interpreters' language combinations. And English is all around us, so it should be easy to maintain....right? Well...maybe you're so used ...
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5 supertips blog post image

Self-care for interpreters during the pandemic: 5 supertips

I'm first and foremost an interpreter and trainer, but some of you may know I have a background in fitness training and complementary therapies.This means I've ...
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A single device option for teaching simultaneous online

If you’re a fellow interpreter trainer and you’ve dipped your toes into the online training waters, it probably won’t have taken you long to realise that ...
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CPD blog post cover


CPD = lifelong learning So, you've just taken your final year interpreting exams, and you're looking forward (hmm...) to entering the brave new world of post-coronavirus ...
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Fifth gear blog post

Finding fifth gear: how to speed up your reaction time in simultaneous

I was teaching a class at the University of Manchester yesterday, and listening to the interpreting students tackle a piece of rapid, 'real-life' French reminded me ...
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3 top time management tools blog post

Better time management with 3 great free tools

Time management in the modern world Nowadays, everybody's busy busy busy! We're all juggling multiple assignments, jobs, devices, apps, websites, passwords...It's exhausting sometimes. And I'll admit ...
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Damage control in first year interpreting exams

Damage control in first year interpreting exams

Disclaimer Like many website owners, I have a set of terms and conditions that insist that my content is for information purposes only, and exhort readers ...
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3 simple Brain Gym techniques

3 simple exercises to boost your concentration: an introduction to Brain Gym

Mind/body techniques for concentration and stress relief Last week, I was at the London Language Show demonstrating simple techniques to help interpreters and translators beat stress, ...
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Growth mindset blog post

The mindset shift that improves exam grades & self-esteem and redefines success

Are you great at dealing with technical jargon in simultaneous? Are you bad with numbers? Are your notes sloppy? Do you have a bad memory? These ...
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Your trainers are only as good as you make them blog image

Your trainers are only as good as you make them

I hesitated about the title of this blog post for a long time. Not least because it sounds as if I'm writing about shoes. At first, ...
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Post-holiday stress blog post

Post-holiday stress

Back to school, back to stress Here in Europe, the summer holidays are drawing to a close. How are you feeling? Do you find the rentrée, ...
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develop your retour

The best way to develop your retour (and it’s not what you think)

'What do you do to develop your retour?' I sometimes ask my interpreting students this question. I'm curious to know what they do with their limited time ...
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Football idioms blog post

Football: love it, hate it, use it

Unless you've been living in a parallel universe for the past few weeks, you will know what the big event is this Sunday: the World Cup ...
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Make English work for you image

How to make English work for you when you’re working into English

In any situation in life where you want to excel, it makes sense to work to your strengths and find ways to compensate for your weaknesses ...
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Self-training to improve your retour

No native speaker? No problem! Go solo to improve your retour.

In my last post, I talked about the benefits of having a native speaker of your B language listen to you when you're practising your retour. Today, I ...
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Improve your retour with a native speaker

Improve your retour with help from a native speaker

It is a truth universally acknowledged (as Jane Austen might say) that improving your retour is a lifelong task. Like any other interpreting skill - only more ...
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The Interpreting Coach portrait

3 of the most useful websites for boosting your interpreting skills

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. – Socrates I've been an interpreter trainer for fifteen years, and I can pass on ...
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Announcing The Interpreting Coach

Introducing The Interpreting Coach

How can I serve you? For some years now, I've been thinking: Wouldn't it be great if there were more digital content to help aspiring interpreters? ...
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