Should women be paid for doing housework?

This is an 8 minute speech based on an article I read on this morning.

If you’d like to read the source text, it’s here.

The speech is long for a consecutive, but not particularly complicated. It only contains one figure.

There are several ways you could use it to help with your English retour:

  1. Take notes from part or all of the speech. Then reformulate the speech in English.
  2. Do the speech in simultaneous (EN>EN). Decide in advance what you’re going to work on:
  • ‘chunking’ (salami technique): break the sentences up into shorter pieces.
  • editing/being concise: leave out redundances, try to summarise long-winded ideas.
  • reformulation: look for alternative phrasing and synonyms.

Remember to record yourself, then go back and listen to your performance. Are there infelicities in the use of English? What could you have said instead?


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